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Whether you are decorating a room with our throw pillows and duvet covers or sporting our tote bags and travel mugs while on-the-go, we are confident that you will be complimented on our premium accessory products.

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Throw Pillows

Our super soft and comfortable 100% spun polyester pillows come in three sizes to suit even the most extravagant of couches.

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Pink Throw Pillow Blue Floral Throw Pillow Green Throw Pillow

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Tote Bags

An especially durable, poly poplin fabric, double sided, full bleed printed, incredibly beautiful carrying device. With a comfortable black cotton shoulder strap and available in three sizes there's no limit to the exciting things you can carry about.

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Dotted Tote Bag Blue Tote Bag Purple Tote Bag

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Studio Pouches

Sleek and durable in a range of designs and patterns, you can coordinate Aurapro’s studio pouch with your outfit.

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Blue Studio Pouch Red Studio Pouch Studio Pouch

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Duvet Covers

All your favorite designs printed on our brushed cotton/poly covers.
Each one is made to order and then softened afterwards to ensure you are dreaming in comfort.

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Blue Duvet Cover Green Duvet Cover Duvet Cover

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Add some flair to your morning coffee with Aurapro’s attractive mugs.

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Green and Pink Mug Blue Burst Mug Tye-Dye Mug

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Travel Mugs

Take your joe on the go with Aurapro’s stylish mugs. Our mugs come in three varieties and feature our wraparound printed works of art.

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Purple Travel Mug Green and Yellow Travel Mug Pink Travel Mug

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Drawstring Bags

Aurapro’s drawstring bags are made from quality woven fabrics, featuring our striking designs.
Our drawstring bags are easy on the eyes, and the shoulders.

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Purple and Blue Drawstring Bag Yellow Drawstring Bag Blue Drawstring Bag

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